How it Works

All meals are made the same day with fresh ingredients.

*Please Note: Orders are delivered between 3-7pm. If you will not be home until after those hours, we strongly recommend putting out a cooler for your order to be placed in. If you do not have a cooler, you can purchase a reusable thermal bag for a one-time fee of $15.00.

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Our food is so fresh because we keep our business local in Salem and Keizer, Oregon.

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An AIM team member will deliver meals to your home every Tuesday and Friday.

*To Keep Delivery Fresh, note the above message.

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Refrigerate, heat in the microwave, and eat within minutes.

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Build a fully custom weekly meal plan for the best results.

Save $$ on every meal!

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Order By The Pound

Order a variety of our meal items in bulk by the pound.


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Meal Packs

Save money on one-time orders with these big savings deals!

Choose between 5, 10, and 14 meals per pack! Perfect for your whole week!

The Breakdown


How do they work?

Choose the weekly meal plan that best fits you. Simply build out your plan by selecting the amount of meals you wish to receive each week and choose your meals from our bi-monthly rotating menu. You can even let our chefs choose meals for you and create your meals based on your preferences. We take account of your allergens, dislikes, likes and previous history to give you the best meals possible.

We split up your order so half of your meals are prepared and delivered on Tuesday and the other half are prepared and delivered on Friday. We do this to ensure your meals are optimally fresh all throughout the week. Meals are also sold at a consistently reduced price for higher savings when selecting to build a weekly meal plan!


How does it work?

Make a one-time order to be delivered on either Tuesday or Friday. Customize your order and choose from our bi-monthly rotating menu to meet your health and taste preferences. Meals are sold at regular value.

Steak with bell pepper, beans, and rice and guacamole, pico de gallo, and salsa side sauces