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Improve your health through delicious, convenient, and nutritious food.
We prepare and deliver meals twice a week from Salem-Keizer to Eugene to bring convenience to your lifestyle. 

No time to meal prep and eat healthy? Unsure what to eat to accomplish your health goals?

Introducing AIM Meal Delivery Service

How it Works

All meals are made the same day with fresh ingredients.

*Please Note: Orders are delivered between 3-7pm. If you will not be home until after those hours, we strongly recommend putting out a cooler for your order to be placed in. If you do not have a cooler, you can purchase a reusable thermal bag for a one-time fee of $10.00.

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Everything is cooked fresh and delivered from Salem to Eugene.

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An AIM team member will deliver meals to your home every Tuesday and Friday.

*To Keep Delivery Fresh, note the above message.

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Refrigerate, heat in the microwave, and eat within minutes.

What does it mean to Go All In?
Optimal Performance Nutrition Quick Fix Meals

From convenience and nutrition to taste, our meals are built to serve people in all walks of life.

Weight Loss & Fitness Goals

Athletes & Coaches

Parents & Families

Working Professionals

Teachers & Students

Seniors & Older Adults

    Eating Healthy Made Easy

    All In Meals was created from a love for health and fitness. We are a group of dedicated athletes, chefs, and nutritionists committed to helping you reach your health goals. Our focus is on creating tasty, nutritious meals that fit into your fitness journey, making healthy eating both enjoyable and convenient.

    We Cater

    All In Meals Catering gives you the opportunity for everyone at your event to enjoy amazing high quality food, that not only tastes great, but will be a healthy choice for your guests. Choose from our wide variety of items to customize you and your guest’s food experience.

    Steak with bell pepper, beans, and rice and guacamole, pico de gallo, and salsa side sauces


    “Since becoming clients of All In Meals, our family has been very impressed by the customer service, reliability and most importantly the quality of meals that we have received. For our family lunches are taken care of and those busy evenings dinner is as well.  It’s nice to know that we always have the option of a clean well balanced meal.”

    Damian Ramirez, West Salem Assistant Head Football Coach

    As a mom of 3 young kids, I needed to eat healthy but never had time to prepare a meal. Inevitably I found myself reaching for quick, sugary snacks. All In Meals has made getting healthy and fit so much easier! They taste fresh and delicious so I don’t crave the junk I used to eat. 🙌🏻-A Mom Who Got Her Time & Health Back

    Havilah Patterson, Stay at Home Mom

    Stay Fit & Healthy

    Every meal is designed to work around your fitness and health goals. 

    Save Time & Money

    No more countless hours of meal prepping and throwing out food you don’t use. 

    Go All In

    We know what it’s like to put off decisions because we, as humans, don’t like change. Commit to your goals. Achieve your dreams. Go All In.

    Exclusive Deals

    We like to consider ourselves partners with each of you because we come alongside your goals to be healthier, less stressed, and more present for those you care about. To give you a leg up on this and more, we have partnered with Physiq Fitness, the top-rated gym in the Willamette Valley.

    Join Physiq for as little as $1 on select programs and get access to exclusive AIM deals like 50% off plus free delivery!

    gym with green and black equipment overlayed by a green weight icon above Physiq Fitness

    Exclusive Deals

    Woodburn’s 24hr full service fitness facility with memberships as low as $29.95/month.

    Mention code word AIM (All In Meals) and receive 50% off enrollment fees.

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